My Vogue Style Taking a Trip to the City

Taking a Trip to the City

Hello beautiful people, My trip home is almost coming to an end so I decided to go to Mexico City. Although I was born in Mexico that does not mean I am from Mexico City. I grew up in the State of Mexico, yes, Mexico has a state called “State of Mexico”. It has always […]


Q&A Get To Know More About Me

Hello beautiful people, If you have been reading my blog you know that last week I was asking some of you to ask me questions for my Q&A. Now that I have enough questions to answer it is time to let you know more about myself! So here are some of the questions that my gorgeous […]

My Vogue Style: The Maxi Skirt

The Maxi Skirt

Hello beautiful people, Have you ever seen a trend and wanted to try it so hard but haven´t had the chance to do it? That was my situation with maxi skirts. Every blogger in the world has worn one and I think I was the last one! Until I found this one that was not […]

My Vogue Style Irresistible Me Hair Straightener

Curling My Hair + Irresistible Me

Hello beautiful people, Having straight hair is not as great as everyone thinks it is, mostly when somedays it decides to have a big curl at the end. That is why for the past couple of years I have bought many flat irons but one of them pulled my hair and the other one burned […]

My Vogue Style: Trying To Make A Tasty Recipe

Trying to Make a Tasty Recipe

Hello beautiful people, Have you ever seen those recipe videos from Tasty that are all over Facebook? Well at least one of them appear on my timeline every day and they are just the best thing ever. Also my road to non cooking and eating. It’s been a while since these videos have been going on and […]

My Vogue Style: Favorite Beauty Products

Favorite Beauty Products

Hello beautiful people, This summer I have been home most of the time and that has lead to massive obsession for makeup. I spend a lot of time now watching beauty tutorials from Jeffree Star, Tati, Lily Ayala (check out her amazing blog Beauty with Lily), and more people. Even though I am no expert […]

My Vogue Style: Back Home

Back Home

Hello beautiful people, so as you see from the title I am back home. After two weeks in Playa del Carmen I feel so rested. Going to a beach destination is the best thing you can do if you find yourself tired and overwhelmed. The only bad thing is that I was so busy enjoying the […]


My Beach Essentials

Hello beautiful people, don’t you love going to the beach? We all have the best time there, the views are always beautiful, the sun is bright, and the food is always great! But before I leave to the beach I must add some things that I can’t live without. Sunscreen My first and most important is […]

My Vogue Style: Exploring the Forest

Exploring the Jungle

Hello beautiful people, I want to begin to apologize for the short post on Wednesday. I normally explain a lot when it comes to a post but on that day I was not feeling very well. Sometimes when I start to plan things for the blog and begin to look at the stats I get […]

My Vogue Style: Get to know playa del carmen pt. 2

Get To Know: Playa del Carmen Pt. 2

Hello beautiful people, I hope this week is going great for you. June ended so fast and I feel like I could of done more things! But now that July is here it means that I have to get ready to go back to college. Before I begin thinking about that I still have to enjoy Playa […]