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10 Things To Do This Summer

Hello beautiful people, the week is over and now it is time to relax your mind and body! This week has been exactly like the others except that it is super rainy and that does not go well with me because then I can’t take blog pictures which were scheduled for today. There is nothing […]

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My Favorite Book

Hello beautiful people, I have to apologize for not posting anything on Monday but some things have been difficult and I had to handle that first. Now that I am back I am so relieved that I get to write more things on the blog, this is one of my favorite hobbies and now that […]


Denim, White, and Yellow

Hello beautiful people, today is a wonderful day to go outside and enjoy this warm weather. After this long week it is time to relax this weekend, not that I’ve done much in the week, but it is always nice to sleep until late and watch a little bit of Netflix. After 2 weeks of […]

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DIY – Refreshing Beverages

Hello beautiful people, it is again the middle of the week and it is time for me to bring a new DIY. I begun this section during spring break when I had a lot of free time and now that it is summer hopefully I can do way more of these. DIY crafts are always […]

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What Is In My Bag?

Hello beautiful people, I hope the weekend went fine for all of you. I know mine was very fun fun since I took a quick family trip to a Vineyard in Mexico and after that we stayed a night in Tequisquiapan, this beautiful and magical town. For today’s blog I thought I would show everyone […]

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Favorite Wedding Invitations

Hello beautiful people, the weekend is finally here and it is time to finally relax and have a great weekend. While I was thinking of what should be today´s blog post I realized that it has been a long time since I´ve talked about weddings. Now, I am still very very young to plan my own […]

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5 Lessons Learned From My Long Distance Relationship

5 Lessons I Learned From A Long Distance Relationship Hello beautiful people, I hope your summer is going well. I know mine is full of Netflix and food but that is okay, you always need some days to relax. On today’s blog post I will be getting a little bit personal, something that has happened […]

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Feels Like Summer

Hello beautiful people, I want to begin this post by apologizing for missing Wednesday’s and Friday’s post. Finals was harder than what I expected and moving out was even harder but hey, I got good grades! Now that I am finally home I will have more time to concentrate on the blog which is very […]

10 Reasons Why I Love My Best Friend

Hello beautiful people, I hope this weekend treated you well and for those who are in college there is only one more week before break! As this makes me so excited and happy I am getting ready for finals and hopefully get good grades. Now that the semester is coming to an end I will […]

How To Calm Your Nerves

Hello beautiful people, as I am drinking my tea to calm down I feel the need to write a post dedicated to those who have anxiety, depression, or who just get very emotional. This might be more of a personal post, not completely, but have you ever felt extremely nervous for such a small situation? […]