My Vogue Style Introduction to Fall Outfit

Introduction to Fall Outfit

Hello beautiful people, Friday is here and I cannot be more excited. As I have been saying this week was super hectic but now it is time to relax. Also great news is that FALL IS HERE! This is just the best news of the month but sadly the weather is still super hot. What […]

My vogue style my daily morning routine

My Daily Morning Routine

Hello beautiful people, I hope your week is going very well. For some reason it is going so slow for me and it has been super hectic. Running to everywhere I barely have any time to eat. And everyone knows how much I love to eat so I get very hangry all of the time. But for […]

My Vogue Style New Heels from Zaful

New Favorite Heels from Zaful

Hello beautiful people, I hope your weekend went very well. I know mine was pretty much hectic all of of the time. And now that the week is starting stress is even worse! I have 2 exams this week and cannot wait to get them done. Who said college is this hard? oh everyone. For […]

My Vogue Style Tips College Grocery

Tips for Grocery Shopping as a College Student

Hello beautiful people, Happy Wednesday to all of my readers, I hope your week is going well. For some reason I feel like it will never end. The past couple of days have been so long! Yesterday after a long day of work and classes I decided to go quickly for groceries. On my way […]

My Vogue Style Summer to Fall Transition

My Summer to Fall Transition

  Hello beautiful people, September is here and I am so excited because that means that Fall is coming. I know this will sound very basic but I love the PSL’s and cold weather. Also big sweaters and just fashionable clothes that keep me warm. Today, I got so inspired for the Fall that I […]

My Vogue Style It is time to change - update

It is Time to Change – Update

Hello beautiful people, About a month ago I decided to begin a new chapter in my life where I changed some habits. This mainly included loosing weight. My goal was 15 pounds and better eating habits combined with exercising. As the month begun I was super motivated and was eating very well. My friend Olga […]

My Vogue Style Fighting the wind

Fighting the Wind

  Hello beautiful people, As I listen to Lana del Rey to write this post it inspires me to live my life. Has this ever happened to you? I love her music and her personality. She inspires me so much! But off to another subject, happy labor day to everyone, I hope you are spending […]


Custom Phone Case and Laptop Skin from CASEAPP + Giveaway!

  Hello beautiful people, Have you ever wondered what is a good brand to get phone cases? Well I always struggle with this because I have a Samsung phone. As many of you know most cases are for iPhone and that is just awful! Until one day when I got to try out Caseapp and […]

My Vogue Style Blues and Happiness

Blues and Happiness

  Hello beautiful people, Life is such an interesting thing, one day you have a plan and the next day it all can change. That was what happened to me this weekend. If you follow my blog you know I was currently on a long distance relationship. Well destiny didn’t want me to be in […]

Untitled design

How to Keep Yourself Organized

Hello beautiful people, The first week of school is finally over and I am so happy about this. Maybe it is just me but I get so overwhelmed because I have to do so many things. I see my semester plan for all of my classes and immediately feel the pressure even though things are […]