A Day At The Beach

Hello beautiful people, have you ever woken up in a place you love so much you can’t leave? That has been me for the past week. This weekend my mom and I decided to go to the beach to relax. But before we went for a little bit of shopping in Zara since the sales […]


Get To Know: Playa del Carmen

Hello beautiful people, as I said this week I got to travel to Playa del Carmen. A beautiful place I’ve been visiting for the past 8 years or even more and would love share it with you. Playa begun as a very small town from what I remember but over the years  it has begun […]

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My Makeup Wish List

Hello beautiful people, have you ever gotten suddenly obsessed with something in particular like makeup? Well now that I am in summer break with nothing to do I have found myself watching a lot of beauty videos. From Jeffree Star to Nikkie Tutorials I am becoming more obsessed as the days go on. So I decided to […]

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The Printed Skirt

Hello beautiful people, have you ever got so emotionally attached to a TV show that you even get to cry whenever something bad happens? Well that is what happened to me this weekend while watching the last episodes of season 4 of Orange Is The New Black. I will not give any spoilers but all I can […]

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8 Tips Before Studying Abroad

Hello beautiful people, now that we are un June and July is coming up that means it is international student season. You might wonder what that means well let me tell you that it is the season were all of the students who are going to study abroad for the Fall are preparing to leave. This means […]

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5 Reasons To Love Yourself

Hello beautiful people, I have realized that normally every Wednesday I get personal with all of you so today I decided to get SUPER personal. A very important and delicate subject will be talked about today and it is Loving Myself. This has been a problem I’ve had for the past 10 years and I am […]


The Floral Dress

Hello beautiful people, I hope you all had a great weekend because I know I did and it was filled with Netflix and food, as always. This week I have to get ready to leave for vacations FINALLY but it makes me so happy because I will get to start my new section of traveling […]


5 Places I Want To Visit

Hello beautiful people, happy Friday to everyone who had a busy week and is now ready to have fun the weekend! Since summer is here and it is time to travel I decided to make this post about the 5 places I want to visit. Now on my last post I said how I love […]

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10 Facts About Myself

Hello beautiful people, happy Wednesday to all of you! I am so happy this week because… well just because! It is always so great to be super positive and regarding the Challenge of the Week post I must say that those steps did work. I have decreased in overthinking like I always do and it […]


Circles and Flowers

Hello beautiful people, the week is here again and we should all be ready to begin working or maybe doing nothing either option is fine. This weekend was pretty busy and very hot, thankfully where I live it doe not get humid because that is the worst thing ever. I cannot stand humid places although […]