My Vogue Style Tips College

Five Tips to Stay Organized in College

Hello beautiful people, College tips are here for today! I have noticed that some of my roommates are getting extremely stressed out because of midterm week. So I decided to throw a list on how to stay organized, not that I really do but let’s try! You need an agenda A lot of people do […]

My Vogue Style New Hat New Places

New Hat and New Places

Hello beautiful people, Happy Monday to all my readers. The week is here and this time I am actually excited. Have you ever had a week that just did not work out well for you and you need to start over again? That is me right now, too much drama and all I need is […]

My Vogue Style Instax Mini 8 Review

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Review

Hello beautiful people, Happy Friday to all of my gorgeous readers. I think I have not been as excited as today for the week to end. After the most hectic week of this semester is done I am ready to bring you a review of my new instant camera! A few weeks ago I posted […]

My Vogue Style Things Knew Freshman

Things I Wish I Knew My Freshman Year In College

Hello beautiful people Happy Monday to all of you. Although Monday is the worst day of the week let’s begin with a good attitude. I say while I try to hide my anxiety of the week with 3 exams and 2 projects. As this weekend just passed by I realized that there are many things […]

My Vogue Style lifestyle

It is Time to Change – Update 2

Hello beautiful people, The beginning of a new month is here and that means it is time for a new monthly update. This semester has been very stressful mostly because of school, who said college was hard? Oh yeah, everyone. I must admit that it has been not helping me having a healthy routine as I […]

My Vogue Style Boho Style

Not Everything Goes as Planned

Hello beautiful people, If you noticed the topic of today is very different from what I normally write as a title. Many things are happening on my life right now. About a month ago I announced that my long distance relationship did not work. But sometimes love is so strong you cannot let it go. […]

My Vogue Style Must Have POPSUGAR Box

Must Have Box from POPSUGAR

  Hello beautiful people, I am so excited to write this post because POPSUGAR sent me this Must Have Box to try! I got it last week in the mail and when I opened it up I was just surprised on the products. For the past months I have been looking for a good subscription […]

My Vogue Style Denim Skirt

My Favorite Denim Skirt

  Hello beautiful people, We are in the middle of the week and that makes me so excited. I need the weekend to be here right now after this awful week. Sometimes I just don’t feel very motivated and this week is one of those and I have a cold so it does not make […]

My Vogue Style Introduction to Fall Outfit

Introduction to Fall Outfit

Hello beautiful people, Friday is here and I cannot be more excited. As I have been saying this week was super hectic but now it is time to relax. Also great news is that FALL IS HERE! This is just the best news of the month but sadly the weather is still super hot. What […]

My vogue style my daily morning routine

My Daily Morning Routine

Hello beautiful people, I hope your week is going very well. For some reason it is going so slow for me and it has been super hectic. Running to everywhere I barely have any time to eat. And everyone knows how much I love to eat so I get very hangry all of the time. But for […]