My Vogue Style Best Friend

Get To Know My Best Friend

  Hello beautiful people, Today on the blog I had to show my love for my best friend. I am so grateful to have her in my life. When I saw these shirts at Bershka I knew it had to be ours! Everyone has a best friend in their life but I have gotten to […]

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Top 10 Back to School Supplies

Hello beautiful people, I hope your week was fabulous. I know mine was pretty hectic but the weekend is here and I am happy about it. So right now it is the week before everyone starts school again *cries*. That doesn’t only mean you go to classes again but you also have to buy supplies. […]

My Vogue Style White and Pink

White and Pink

  Hello beautiful people, It has been a while since my last outfit log but thank god my best friend is here to take my pictures. I really hate having the blog without fashion posts, it just takes interest away. But every time I post an outfit I get super excited and give my all. […]

My Vogue Style Calm Stress

How to Calm Down During Stress

Hello beautiful people, Have you ever been caught up in just a bunch of stress? That is me all the time but specifically right now that I am moving in to a new apartment. Yesterday was move in day and I was super overwhelmed. After I had all of the boxes in my room I […]


My Favorite Outfits on the Blog

Hello beautiful people, A couple of days ago I was looking at the blog and realized it has changed a lot. The improvement is amazing although I know it can do even more. But as I was going post by post I saw that there are many outfits I love and some that I don’t. […]

My Vogue Style Tartelette in Bloom

Review: Tartelette in Bloom by Tarte

Hello beautiful people, This week was a bit exciting for me because I finally got my first good eyeshadow palette. If you saw my previous post Favorite Beauty Products then you realized I was using one by Maybelline. Although it has great colors I must say it does not do the work.     Last […]

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August Shopping Wishlist

Hello beautiful people, Have you ever been on your computer and begin looking at online stores? I do this more often that I would like to but I never buy anything unless I know I can spend. And those days that I have save money to shop are the happiest of the year. It is known […]

My Vogue Style Museums

Adventures: I Found a Museum!

Hello beautiful people, Have you ever visited a city and then you find something interesting. Well that was my case a couple of weeks ago while I was in Mexico City. My mom and I where at Madero Street walking and there is a museum that has interesting exhibitions. This time the exhibition was “El Arte De […]

My Vogue Style Change

It is Time to Change

Hello beautiful people, August is here and I still cannot believe how fast times goes by! I am back in the States and a bit sad because I had to say good bye to my parents. This is always the worst part of leaving home but I know it is best for me to leave. […]

My Vogue Style Balance Blogging Priorities

How to Balance Blogging Priorities

Hello beautiful people, If you are a blogger you must know the feeling of getting overwhelmed in sharing your post or commenting in others blog. But that is not the only thing we do because Instagram is also a big part. Facebook and Twitter too and it never ends. Over the past weeks I have found myself […]