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Story Time: Always Speak Your Mind

Hello beautiful people, I don’t know if I am the only one but was 2016 just an awful year? I won’t complain a lot because to be honest I have all I could ever want and have no serious problems. But emotional wise it was draining! There is one thing I want to talk about […]

My Vogue Style Back to Routine

Back To The Normal Routine

Hello beautiful people, Thanks giving break is now over and I am actually excited to go back to normality. I am the type of person who always have to be doing something. And this past week I have been slacking so much. Yesterday I was writing a report about Yves Saint Laurent. After one hour […]

My Vogue Style Thanksgiving

10 Things I Am Grateful For

Hello beautiful people, We are one day away from Thanksgiving and although it is not a holiday I celebrate I do enjoy it. Tomorrow my best friends family are coming over to make dinner. Let me tell you guys how much I love her family because since my parents are many miles away they always make […]

My Vogue Style Short Hair

Back to the Short Hair

  Hello beautiful people, I want to begin this post by telling my excitement about how it is finally cold! One thing that I love about fall and winter is the weather and the fact that it was pretty warm was really concerning me. Not because my preference in weather but because this year I […]

My Vogue Style 5 Ways to Survive College

5 Ways To Survive College

Hello beautiful people, Happy Friday to all of my readers, the break is finally here! I am extremely excited for today because I get to sleep for hours and hours. Finally after months of not being able to. Let me tell you that college is hard, I love it but I hate it at the […]

My Vogue Style Holiday Shopping

Gift Ideas for Holiday Shopping!

Hello beautiful people, It is finally season to begin holiday shopping and mostly now that Black Friday is coming up. When I was a little kid I use to always love picking gifts and then wrapping them. I guess that is why this is one of my favorite holidays because I get to do that. […]

My Vogue Style Nude Colors

What About Nude Colors?

Hello beautiful people, Let me begin by apologizing for not posting on Wednesday, I had an exam that day so I could not write anything the night before. I with the presidential elections I was super overwhelmed. But lets talk about happier things for example it is Friday and it means we are closer to […]

My Vogue Style Custom Stickers with Sticker App

Custom Stickers with Sticker App

Hello beautiful people, This entire past weekend I was thinking all of the time “is it really almost 2017?”. I just cannot believe how fast this year is going but I am super happy it is almost done. I don’t know if it is only me or someone else can relate that this was a […]

My Vogue Style It is Time to Change 3

It is Time to Change – Update 3

Hello beautiful people, As I do every beginning of the month I give you an update on how I have changed. If you have not been following no worries, you can read this post and know what is going on! So this third month has been kinda weird, I have lost weight without trying, I […]

My Vogue Style Black White and Pink OOTD

Black, White and Pink

Hello beautiful people, Okay let me begin by asking all of my fellow bloggers on tips in changing my theme, should I buy one? And if I should from where do you recommend? I have seen Etsy has gorgeous ones but I do not trust it 100%. I would love to get advice from all of […]