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I hope you had an amazing week, I know I did! This has been one of my best weeks and I feel just great. A new topic came to my mind as I have to begin packing. I travel a lot, ok not a lot but have to pack at least 4 times a year.

I honestly drag this so much, I just don’t like it mostly when I have to leave a gorgeous place. But after many years of experience I have learned some tricks and tips that I want to share!

Roll your clothes

When I first heard of this I just thought it did not work. Clothes flat make less bulk, right? WRONG! When you have clothes rolled they create more space inside. I do not what is the science on that but I always begin my suitcase with flat clothes. Then, nothing fits and I end up rolling everything. After, I realized that I can even fit more things!

Shoes and jeans go on carry on

Who hates to pay for extra weight? I do. And I have only had to pay for this once. I almost cried on the plane because they charged me a lot. Thanks American Airlines, charge one of your most loyal customers for extra weight. But what always creates more weight is your shoes and jeans. So, something that I always do is to put these on my carry on. Yeah, whatever if it falls on my head if I try to put it above my seat. At least I won’t pay! Kidding, I am strong.

Put clothes inside your bags

As a fashion person I have to pack multiple bags when I travel. But why just put an empty bag that takes up space? What I do is that I stuff it with whatever I can and it totally works! Water bottles is also something I cannot leave without. Just because I hate creating so much waste I carry my plastic water bottle. And for it to avoid taking space I place a blouse inside of it.

Shoes can also go on the border of a big suitcase

If you won’t be carrying a carry on and still need to pack your shoes the read this! I found this amazing trick as I was almost crying because I could not fit anything. Well I placed my shoes on the border of my suitcase and I worked perfectly!

Put things inside your shoes

I always pack a pair of sneakers and these take a lot of space. But what also takes space are the socks. The perfect thing to put inside you shoes are your socks! Or I also put my face care lotions and small things inside. This is one of my favorite tips because it works so well!

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