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Christmas is over and it makes me so sad. I enjoyed it a lot with my family having dinner on Christmas Eve and then doing nothing the next day. Best way to celebrate. But the next celebration on the calendar is New Year’s Eve!

I am extremely excited for this one because I am so ready for 2017. As always everyone makes their resolutions for this upcoming year. But have you ever realized that you don’t do them all? Unless you do then you are a role model! I decided to create some tips for all of us who want to achieve our resolutions.

My Vogue Style Tips For Your New Year's Resolutions

• Make realistic resolutions

One of the most popular resolutions have to do with weight loss. I have heard over and over again about loosing weight. And it is great but sometimes people go too far and end up not loosing the quantity they wanted to loose. This is not only with weight but can also be applied to other things. My advice is to think about your daily life and how you can modify it in an achievable way. Do not set a goal without thinking how you will complete it.

• Always keep it positive

Resolutions should be positive right? Well sometimes I hear some negative ones. You should begin the year with the right energies to be happy and joyful. Make this year your year!

• What about helping others?

All the resolutions I’ve heard in my life are about ourselves but what about others? One of my resolutions is to give to charity or help people in need. I have never done much of this and I believe it is time to begin. Because when I help others I feel better about myself.

• Don’t make too much

There are some years in which I make so many resolutions I forget about them. This year I will make about 5 to be able to complete them. If I get to make them I can create more in the middle of the year!

• Make sure it is a resolution and not a wish

How many gals and guys have had the resolution of “getting a partner”? Most of us at some point right? This is an example of something that is more of a wish than resolution. You can like someone but if the other person does reciprocate then it won’t happen. You can always change it to “I will try to…” and will be more achievable.

• Do one that you couldn’t do in a previous year

Why give up and create new ones when you can try again? I do not even remember last year’s resolutions but I do know that I did not complete most of them. So this year I can try to actually complete them!

• Improve yourself

What is better than improving yourself to a better person. From helping someone who is having a rough day to being more confident about yourself are things that you can do to improve. Don’t we all like to feel good about the positivity we portray?

• Make a resolution that will not stress you out

I will be honest that one of my resolutions is to get a 4.0 GPA in either Spring or Fall semester. I know it is such a hard one and might get stressed about it so that is why I opened it to two semesters. Resolutions are nice but do not take them so seriously that they can stress you out.

Have fun making your New Year’s Resolutions!

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