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Hello beautiful people,

If you are wondering if I am having writer’s block for this post you are right. I have been siting in front of the living room for one hour and have no idea what to write about. It is easy to look at other bloggers for inspiration. But it does not feel right when I use their ideas. The post just doesn’t feel genuine.

So here I have a few ideas on how to fight agains writer’s block.

Stay in a quiet place with no distractions

My main distraction right now is my 2 year old cousin who keeps asking me to play with him. Making noises all over the house and jumping up and down. This makes it impossible to write anything, I can barely even concentrate on my own thoughts. Whenever I am alone and have good music on the ideas just flow so nicely and I finish early.

Make a list of post ideas

This step helps a lot because you are throwing everything you can write about. It can be outfit log, wishlist, tips, summary of the month, and more. Write them all down and then pick the one that you like the most. Always make sure they are topics you can actually write on and not something that will be super short.

Ask your friends for inspiration

I am lucky to have my friend Anna from Five Foot and Fabulous to help me with blog post ideas. She is my main help when I am stuck but I also ask my boyfriend or some family member. This is of much help because then you get ideas from your audience and the content will be relatable to the public.

Begin writing in advance

My writer’s block is worse when I start writing a post hours before it is due. But when I begin think about the post days before it flows so well. Not just this but I have extra time to promote it and get more audience. Unfortunately, it is not always like this but I try my best!

Get inspiration from others, but do not steal ideas

Making your content original and true to your style will make you get a bigger audience. If you need post ideas then it is okay to get inspiration rom others but make it original to you blog and with no plagiarism. The most true to yourself content you have, the bigger audience your blog with get.

Lastly, write about writer’s block

Yeah, if you just can’t think about anything then write about your writer’s block. This was my last resource after I tried all of the above but I just has a small kid that did not let me concentrate at all. Thank you Lana del Rey and Bose headphones but finally getting me to write about something.


Have a fantastic day!

My Vogue Style Writer's Block

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