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It is Market Week in New York and things are going crazy! I heard rumors about being extremely hectic. Well it is true. I was super excited because I was going to get to meet buyers from a lot of stores that I admire.

So as Monday, the first day, got here I was ready to go. Here are things that I learned during this week.

Clients are not always fun

You can have the client who goes with the pre planned order. Or clients who want to see what they want. When things go out of order it is never good because it is caos. But that is only one problem. The other one is that you can get clients who are very rude. Luckily it has only happened once and we were all scared. Funny thing is that that client was the first of many to actually place an order.

Becoming friends with the models is the best

I had the chance to work with 2 lovely models, Alla and Amanda. They are so nice and make the day go super fast. You also get to learn a lot about the modeling and fashion industry… and food.

You have to be brave to network

First day I was super nervous about talking to the buyers. And the reason I wanted to talk to them is because I wanted to network. All you have to do is to approach the person when they are not busy. I started by asking if they liked the line and then told them who I was. It is scary at first but then it comes natural.

Appointments get extremely hectic behind scenes

When you are the intern who is dressing the models you are working non stop. As soon as the model comes in you have to have their new outfit in your hands and be ready to grab the one they are taking off, then put it in a rack and return it to the showroom. As so goes on. All of this happens while the client is calmly sitting down, drinking a cappuccino, and looking at the clothes.

At the end of the day you are exhausted

I really did not think it was going to be this hectic. After one day I could barely keep my eyes open. I didn’t even want to talk to anybody because I was so tired. Moving up and down and making sure that everything is perfect while you have everyone putting pressure on you to hurry is a lot!

It is super fun

Yes, even though I just said it was hard and hectic I have been having so much fun. Luckily the people that I work with are nice and make me laugh all the time so that is a plus. You learn so much about the clothes, the clients, and the ordering procedure. I am definitely lucky to be able to experience this.

Thank you for reading today, have a lovely weekend!

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