My Vogue Style Love Snow

My Vogue Style Love Snow

My Vogue Style Love Snow

My Vogue Style Love Snow

Hello beautiful people,

Today I am talking about a subject that many people do not like. Snow, yes snow and I completely love it. What I hate is ice and I think it should not exist. Thankfully it snowed last weekend and it looked so gorgeous. Many and many inches of snow covered my campus and I had to ask my boyfriend to take pictures of us and me, mostly me.

Now, you must ask why I love snow and here is why:

– When it is night snow looks like a pile of white glitter

– Snow falling from the sky makes the scenery look beautiful

– I can throw snowballs at my boyfriend

– The feeling of walking on top of inches is snow is my favorite

– It makes the perfect romantic day

There are more cons that pros for snow but I get very happy when I see snow, as you can see in my photos. Thank you for reading today and have an amazing weekend!

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