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Hello beautiful people,

I hope your week is going well so far. Mine is just very weird. Obviously this one begun in a new city and doing completely different activities. I started my new internship and so I decided to share a few things before any of you go to yours.

We expect it to be just perfect and everyone to love us in the first second. It does not always go this way or you can find very small things that you will not agree with. So here are my tips on how to mentally prepare.

Calm down your nerves

First impressions are always very important and the last thing you want to do is to look nervous. Have confidence of yourself and make a strong introduction. Yes, this is harder to do than to say but you can do this.


Be open to new opinions or comments

You will be exposed to a whole different crowd once you begin. They are not like your friends in college, these are professionals. There will be small comments or actions that might bother you so do not take it seriously. You do you.


Get ready to be bombed with new information

As soon as you get there you will most likely get a training and new information about the company. I always get very overwhelmed with new information because I think I should know it all right away. Do no worry, you will learn everything as the days go by so calm down.


Be prepared to do something you have never done

Yes, someone will ask you right away to go to somewhere or do something totally new for you. Well, practically everything will be new. Do not be afraid to ask just because it is always better to do that than to mess up.


Clothing is not a bit factor but…

What you wear to work does not affect your abilities. But it certainly can make you feel out of the group. Do not worry if you don’t match to the rest on your first day, you have many more! Also, I do not believe you need to look like the rest in order to be fabulous. As loon as you stick to the clothing regulations you should be fine.


You will have to interact with others

Some of us college students are okay with our small group of friends. Well that changes a lot in a workplace because you have to interact with others. Take this opportunity to make new friends and socialize. It is always good to have friends around the country or even the world!


Prepare yourself to meet important people

It is your first day(s) and you do not expect to meet others than your supervisor and coworkers. Well there is a slight chance you might meet someone big in the company. It is better to expect a situation like than rather than suddenly have it happen and now know how to act.

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