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Is it Friday and that means we are closer to Christmas! If you follow the blog you know that I have been trying to stay healthy over the past months. I did loose weight by going to the gym but I realized that I needed some protein in my system.

So I collaborated with Vital Proteins to get all of those nutrients I was loosing. This was not only for health wise but they also have products that help for beauty. Let me show you the products that I got!

First of all the package got to my apartment in the quickest time. I was curious to know what I was going to receive and when I saw all of it I was super happy! Mostly because after reading the instructions I just knew they were going to work!


Let’s begin with the first one. The Collagen Beauty Greens, as a college student buying vegetables is so expensive. This is the one I was most excited about. First because I have a huge issue with my skin being toned and smooth. So for my first try I decided to add it to my cereal, I don’t think that was the best option. Aesthetically it looked very weird but cool at the same time! The next try was as a juice which was way better, for a better taste I would recommend in mixing it with pineapple. This product in particular has marine collagen peptides with raw organic greens, hyaluronic acid, and probiotics.


Next, the Marine Collagen Wild-Caught. For a very log time I have had problems with my nails being too thin and hair loss. I have been recommended to eat jello but this did not help. After using this product for over a month I saw a big change! First one is that I currently have long nails and they have no chipped. Then my hair falls in such a smaller portion than it used to. This is a fresh wild-caught snapper with Non-GMO Project Verified, isn’t that great?!


Lastly, the Collagen Peptides. This one in particular is from grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine hides to ensure a natural, high quality, and sustainable source. Also one of my favorites because this one will keep my bones and muscles strong after I work out. Since I got this product near the end of the semester I could not try it a lot but I will once I am back!


In conclusion, I loved these products because sometimes it is so hard to get all of the proteins you need from just food. It gave me more energy to stay healthy and in better shape. I will definitely continue to try them for a longer time. If you try out this product let me know what you think and share on social media with #VitalProteins and #StayVital

Thank you for reading today, happy Friday!

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This post was sponsored by Vital Proteins, as always all opinions are of my own.