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There is one thing that has been on my mind 24/7. And that is Instagram, why is it so stressful? As a blogger Instagram is a huge part of out daily lives. It is the strongest, in my opinion, social media platform for those in beauty and fashion. I have personally struggled a lot in getting followers and likes. But now I have gathered a few tips from other bloggers and articles that I will share and use. Hopefully it works for all of you!

Post every day

Keeping one or a couple of posts a day on Instagram will help you gain many followers. I have learned that the days i post multiple times I get more followers than when I post only once. Also, the days that I do not post I loose many. Keeping up with how much you post is hard but do not stop posting daily,

Comment on other posts

When you add a comment to another user it creates engagement and they are likely to reciprocate. Now, you have to be careful with what you comment. Read their caption and comment something that relates to that. Avoid commenting just emojis, when I get these comments I simply ignore them and only engage with those who have an honest comment.

Do not be afraid of following

We all love to have more followers than following count but you have to risk it a little bit. When I begin following other bloggers and leave a cute comment on their photos they follow me back. Not only I get them as a follower but I become visible to their followers.

Join Facebook Insta groups

I was blessed when I found this way of creating more engagement on my Instagram. All you have to do is to search for an Instagram group on Facebook. Most of the ones that I have found have threads. These can be a follow thread, like thread, comment thread or more. Believe me you will not regret this decision!

Collaborate with other people

One thing that my best friend and I do once in a while is that we mention each other on our posts. It is a small shoutout to promote our profiles and creates their followers to follow us. Does not create a lot of engagement but a little bit is still nice to have.

Use hashtags

The most important component of Instagram. It si very hard to create a famous Instagram without hashtags. This makes other people out of your followers to see your profile. You can google what are the most famous hashtags and it will help a lot!

Timing matters a lot

The time that you post matters a lot, I have learned this by changing my profile to a business profile. It tells you what time your audience is most engaged and when you are most likely to have more likes and followers. You should definitely change to a business account ASAP!

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