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Right now I just had a huge writer’s block. Don’t you just hate when that happens? I feel that as a blogger I should get ideas for my post immediately but every Thursday I struggle to write. This struggle lead me to an idea for today’s post. “How to get inspiration for a blog post”

There are many different way you can use to get inspiration. Here are some of my fave!


This is my most used resource to look for inspiration in just everything. When I search for blog post ideas I do not copy exactly the ideas that I found. What I do is that I see an idea and try to change it to fit my blog and my audience. This avoids having the same topic as all of the bloggers in the world.

Ask your friends

Knowing others opinion is super important. Something that I do is that I ask my friends what they think about my blog. I also use this feedback to know what they would like to read about. Today as they were giving me ideas I came up with this one. Definitely going to use this method more!

Look at other blogs

Other bloggers influence me so much for ideas and to be a better blogger. Search what your blogger friends are up to and write about them or a similar post. Do not copy because this can get you in problems and if you do add their blog name on your post.

Look through your blog

You can always get inspiration from your old posts. From making an update on an old post to continuing it or even writing about something similar can work! this keeps your topics continuous and true to yourself.

Think about your current life

What works for me is that I sit down and think about my current life. Then I think about tips for myself and finally I see if it will be helpful for my audience. The tips have to be for a situation that everyone can relate to.

Thank you for reading, happy Friday!

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