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Hello beautiful people,

Today I come to the blog with a very different post. Normally I show outfits and life updates but I never talk about my health. Lately (always) I have tried to concentrate on healthy eating. Even though I am not vegan, vegetarian, or any of that my food decisions are what bets fits my life. Apart from eating another very important thing for me is to always workout at least 3 times a week. Running has become something I really enjoy to do.

But, no matter how healthy you are and how much you exercise you cannot forget to have protein in your body. This is one thing that I always lack of because I do not eat meat every day. After finding Naked Nutrition I thought it would great to try their Chocolate Whey Protein which has 25 grams of protein, perfect! So, they were very kind to send a sample for me and it arrived very quickly.

You might wonder how do you prepare this? Well I found out a way to drink it and it tastes very good! Since this is whey protein it it recommended to drink with water or soy milk. I went for soy milk (vanilla flavored) and I recommend that the milk is warm. This is because if the milk is cold then the protein will not blend, it can but after 10 or more minutes of letting it blend. Or you can use a blender, which would be a better idea! And I would just drink it like that. But it is all pure preference, you could also add bananas to the mix and it will taste delicious!

If you are looking for a good brand for protein powders then Naked Nutrition is the one for you! The best thing is that they offer subscriptions to their products so they automatically ship within a time frame.

Thank you for reading today My Vogue Style!

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The products featured today were given to me for free by Naked Nutrition, all opinions are of my own.