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Hello beautiful people,

It is finally Friday and I am so happy! I think we all get super happy when the weekend is here. Even though I do not do much right now I still love hearing the word “Friday”. This weekend will be very interesting because I will co-host my first garage sale ever, yeah very fabulous (sarcasm). But I am interested to see how it turns out since we have been working hard on it and even placed posters around town. The awesome part is that we will be having good brands like Michael Kors, J.Crew, Banana Republic, Columbia, Tommy H, and more. The bad thing is that people who go to garage sales expect to pay about $2 or less. And we will not be selling those things for such a cheap price.

On another note I decided to share today my makeup obsessions. It has been about a year since I last did a beauty post and I think it is time to share a new one. I find it so funny how I have higher end brands, compared to last year post Favorite Beauty Products. After looking at that post I cannot believe how much my makeup technique has changed! So here are my new favorite beauty products.


BUXOM Eyeshadow Palette




This first product was a birthday gift from my friend Anna. She knew how obsessed I was becoming about makeup and made a perfect selection on these eyeshadows. The coolest thing about this palette is that the colors are very pigmented and creamy. My favorite one is the green/brown color because it changes depending how you move. This one is perfect for a night out or a crazy day look! She also did a perfect job adding the pink tone, which has been my fave for the past couple of weeks.


TARTE Amazonian Clay Blush


If you are a part of the Beauty Insider program at Sephora you know that this comes as the birthday gift option. I obviously picked this one and I love it. The color is amazing and blends so well. Previously I was using a drugstore brand for my blush until I used this one. Life changing blush. The only con is that it dries my skin and I am not the only one whom it happened to so be careful to have good moisturized skin when using this.

TARTE Tarteist Matte lip Paint

I could not add an image of this picture because the sun went down and editing the picture was very hard. But I cannot miss talking about this product. If you received your birthday gift at Sephora and wonder what color is the lip paint that you got it is called ‘Birthday Suit’. After the mini was done I would go always to Sephora and look for it but they did not even have it as an option. Last week when I visited they created an exclusive area for this specific color and I automatically bought it. I am so happy that they made it full size and it is only $20!


TARTE Pro Glow Liquid Highlighter

My Vogue Style Blog Makeup Obsessions TARTE highlighter

Highlighter is super popular this year and this one is just amazing. Let me begin by saying that I hate anything liquid on top of foundation. Liquid blush, bronzer, highlighter, anything of that I just pass. But after I got the chance to try this one I could not hate. Yeah, sometimes I make an awful job and it looks patchy but the glow is just blinding. The funniest thing is that even I am glowing, I still add more and more. I am so obsessed!


MAC Upward Lash Mascara

My Vogue Style Blog Makeup Obsessions MAC mascara

I am going to be super honest with you, I only like drugstore waterproof mascaras. They are the only ones that make my eyelashes stay high and dark. But the reason I picked this mascara is because I was impressed on how dark it leaves your eyelashes. The big con is that as soon as you place if, after curling your eyelashes, it makes your eyelashes fall down and loose its curl. Probably my biggest concern when buying mascara.


CHANEL Lipstick

My Vogue Style Blog Makeup Obsessions MAC mascara

I have been a CHANEL cosmetics fan for years now and always have one of these lipsticks with me. Currently I have been obsessed with this shade because it is pink and a bit shinny. Who doesn’t love a subtle shine, right? Not just that but it is so creamy and lasts for a long time!

Thank you for reading today. I would love to know what is YOUR makeup obsession right now or if you recommend any product! 

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