Hello beautiful people,

Now that I am home I can finally say I am stress free! This is such a great feeling to have. I have also been realizing many things. Some of them are that this new year I have to begin being myself again. I have not acted like my true self for a year now. But it is time for it to come back!

It has been 3 days that I am back home and there are so many good things about it like the following:


This is the best part of them all. As a college student food is always expensive, unless you are rich. But now that I am home I can eat as much as I want! The only thing is that I have not been hungry since I got here… not sure if that is good.


Real Food

Apart from it being free, it is real food! No more mac and cheese or sandwiches or eggs all the time. Now it is real cooked food that my mom or family makes. I feel like a human again, lol.

Stress Free

When I come back home I dedicate around 4 days to just relax and do nothing. So far it has been amazing, just been in bed thinking or googling dumb things. I must admit that I miss being busy.

The Holidays

The best part of being home is that I get to celebrate Christmas with my loved ones. We all get together and have dinner which is just the best because it never ends. We used to celebrate New Year’s but now my mom and I will do something special!


I Get To See My Dogs and Hamster

The other best part is that I see my dogs and my hamster. They make me so happy because they just attack me with kisses and want to be next to me all of the time. My hamster in the other hand is getting very old but he keeps on eating and looking good!

My Friends

Although this break is very short and busy for my friends I still get to see them. It is so nice to come back home and visit other friends and just gossip. The gals make me so happy and I end up laughing every second of it, can’t wait to meet them!


The time for me to shop around is when I come back home. I go to all the amazing stores that we have and just go crazy. Back in Ames there is NOTHING nice so I get super excited to shop here.

Thank you for reading today, happy Wednesday!

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