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If you read my blog you know that I just got reunited with my family. It has been about 2 years since I last saw my aunt and it has helped me to realized so many things. As an international student you are always away from your family. I was always told I was going to be away once I went to college so it is not super hard but it can I do get homesick once in a while. Mostly when it comes to my parents, my dogs, and food.

Here are the best things about being with your family.

Your conversations are never boring

When I am with my family I always have something to talk about. Conversations with friends can get awkward at some points and you run out of ideas on what to talk about. But with family there is always gossip to save the conversation.Or it is even better when you begin talking about good memories that you’ve had!

You are surrounded by love

No matter what when you are with your family you feel loved. This is a great feeling that I love. When I was in NYC with my mom I was always so happy because I just felt so loved. Honestly, there was a bunch of times when I looked at her and teared up. Family is the people who will fill you heart and make you super happy no matter what. Also when I get very anxious, I call my mom and just her voice makes me happy.

Shopping is so much funner

When I am with my mom and dad we get very well organized. My mom and I go to the stores we like and my dad goes the stores he likes. As soon as we go into a store my mom and I take the same time and we help each other to pick the things we will buy. Compared to when we are with friends, you never know when to leave. Or when you want to spend more time there is an awkward “we can go” even if you want to stay.

Getting to see those you haven’t after a long time

It has been about 2 years since I last saw my cousin and it is very nice to see him again. He is only going to turn 3 years old but it is important for kids to know who their family is. Right now he is at that age where I cannot stand him a lot. But I do appreciate those seconds in the day when he hugs me and says “I love you Camila”.

Remembering fun memories is always so much fun

Listening to all the adventures I had when I was little is just so funny. When I asked for magic nails and then did not move after I had them on. Or when I came back home, after a long day with my grandma, and had my knees scrapped and 2 melted chocolates on my hands. These are always fun memories to laugh to.

You know that no matter what, they will be there

While being in NYC I realized that there is so many homeless people. And I question, how do you get to that point where you don’t have your family to help you out? I am so lucky every day that no matter how rough life gets for me, I will have my family to help me and support me. This is the best gift anyone can have.

What is your favorite thing about being with your family? Let me know in the comment section!

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