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Hello beautiful people,

It has been more than a year since I started blogging. And I have learned so many things from it. I would love to share with you what these things are!

It is not easy

Many people think that blogging is easy but believe me it is not. It takes a lot of time to just think about a post idea. Many people think it is about sitting on a desk and writing about your day. But no! We also have to decide on templates for out site, what images will go on, if our ideas are good. Then promoting the blog and networking with brands. The worst part is to actually pay for blogging, yeah, we pay.

Ideas are hard to get

Once you have been blogging for a long time you run out of ideas. An easy one is outfit log, but image not having who to take your pictures? Then what do you do? I like to get inspiration from Pinterest or from my daily life. But sometimes it is so hard that I just don’t write anything.

Blog photos take time

An outfit log is not just standing and having someone take photos of you. You have to have so many things ready before it. Every detail of your outfit must look good, the location, the lighting, the weather and much more. Then when you begin writing the post you have to edit the images. Already sounds like a lot, right?

Dedication is needed

A lot and a lot dedication is needed. To be honest I admire all full time bloggers. They work so hard to get where there are at. A lot of them spend hours and hours in front of the computer trying to get more audience and deals. Last summer when I was all the time at home I was spending a lot of time on my blog. I realized that my audience was 3 times more than usual. Sadly, I have not had that free time since then. But I still try!

Analytics are very important

One of the things you should not obsess about are analytics. Because you can get so worried about them that you forget about the content of your blogs and think just about promotion. On the other side knowing how many people are reading your blog lets you know if you need to try harder.

Thank you for reading, happy Wednesday!

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