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Over the past days I have realized that being a college student has one huge struggle. Staying positive every day. Constantly being busy, having a lot of assignments to do, and planning your future is just hard. Yeah, we don’t have a real job or a family but all the pressure that is on us can make us be negative all of the time.

Eat healthy

As awful as it is sounds, eating healthy makes you have a better mood. College students tend to eat a lot of junk food which makes us more tired. Whenever I have a day of eating fruits the natural sugar of it makes me feel super energized and POSITIVE!

Set goals for the future

When you are in college and there is no goal for the end of your career you get to question why are you there? Many of my friends have this problem and end up being negative about college. Sit down and think what is your goal for the future. This will make you motivated to stay in college.

Surround yourself with the right people

Those who are around you can influence the way you think. The best way to stay positive is if you surround yourself with positive people. I use to be with people who wanted to party all of the time and this made me forget about the important things. Once I found my true crowd I was so much happier!

Keep yourself busy

Some students have the luck to have a small amount of classes and a lot of free time. I find this as a terrible option because then I think a lot and they end up being negative. Try to stay busy by working or joining a club. You can meet new people and be happier!

Dress in a way that makes you happy

The way you dress is super important in every day life. When you spend the day in an outfit that does not identify who you are or is not enough for you then you don’t feel good about yourself. This happens to me all of the time and it sometimes ends up being the worsts days. Dress to be happy!

Thank you for reading, have a fantastic week!

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